Why I started this blog

I am always described as ‘reserved’, so starting this blog and baring my soul to the world takes a huge leap of faith. But as someone wise once said, it is only outside of our comfort zone that we grow. And yes, I am ready to grow.

In searching for my life purpose I have been drawn into a remarkable group of healers and mediums. They come from very different backgrounds but share a common purpose: to help raise the consciousness of humanity. They do this by helping us to connect with spirit and to awaken our own innate ability to heal every aspect of our lives. I call them ‘My Earth Angels’. I believe that I have been drawn to them for the specific purpose of sharing their story with the world. I believe that their story will help others with similar gifts to rise up and do their part in healing our Earth.

So here begins a new chapter in my life and hopefully, a new chapter in yours. In telling the story of ‘My Earth Angels’, I am reaching out to those of you who may be experiencing difficulty in accepting your talents; those of you who may be trying to figure out why you’re ‘different’ and most importantly, those of you who may be having your gifts suppressed by loved ones – who mean well but are really just afraid and misguided.

My hope is that My Earth Angels can help you to discover your own true life purpose.


2 thoughts on “Why I started this blog”

  1. I love this….A little tear came to my eyes as I read it. I love that you are’stepping’ out.. I love that you are encouraging others to embrace and live their purpose! Well done!

  2. Wow! So beautifully and eloquently expressed! I join Michelle in congratulating you in “stepping outside” your comfort zone; you will indeed find it very rewarding. I celebrate you and encourage/support you on your journey and I’m so glad that you are shining a light for others to follow suit. Great job!

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