Helping a soul transition


During a visit to the Veteran Hospital, Daysi Paradise was drawn to an old man wearing a hat with ‘Mike’ written on the front. She was drawn to the name, given her close affinity with Archangel Michael.

It turned out the man was blind and when she referred to him as ‘Mike’, he said to her that wasn’t his name. When the gentleman was called to the desk to be attended to, he was told that he was in the wrong area. Daysi Paradise escorted him to where he needed to be and as she chatted with him, she realized that she was receiving strange looks from those around her – to an extent which led her to question whether there was really someone next to her. She was however, very certain of his physical presence, feeling the weight of his hand as he held her arm. In her panic, she moved away to speak to someone else she recognized. When she looked back to where she had left the gentleman, he was not around and she wondered to herself how a blind person could have moved away so quickly.

She recalls being instructed by the Angels to leave the Hospital, even before attending to the reason for her visit. The experience was a strange one to her but on reflection, Daysi Paradise knows that the ‘Mike’ on the gentleman’s hat was there to draw her to him and that as she guided him to where he needed to be, she was actually helping a soul transit to Heaven.

This experience that Daysi Paradise describes is full of symbolism. That the man was blind and him being told that he was in the wrong area, can be seen as the soul not being able to find its way.  That Daysi Paradise couldn’t see him anywhere soon after she escorted him to where he needed to be, can be seen as the soul having reached its destination. There is the question of how the person at the desk who attended to the man was able to see him, whereas others gave Daysi Paradise strange looks, as if there was no-one next to her.

I can only assume that the events played out as they needed to, so that Daysi Paradise could complete her mission that day – that of helping a soul transition.


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