The Essence of a Daisy


You might have guessed by now that ‘Daysi Paradise’ is not the real name of my Earth Angel. She has chosen this name from her favorite flower, the Daisy. Why Daysi? She has deliberately put the ‘Y’ at the center of her name, ‘Y’ being a symbol of the Tree of Life and to some, also a symbol of God the Father. Thus, ‘Daysi’ reflects God at the center of her life.

The Flower Essence of a Daisy promotes clarity and understanding and at an energetic level, promotes alignment in the emotional, mental, causal and spiritual bodies. She therefore sees the ‘Essence of the Daisy’ as providing us with ‘Directions for Divine Protection’ and the means for us to be ‘Divinely Protected with Divine Purpose’.

Go forth my Earth Angel, Daysi Paradise – may you bring the Essence of a Daisy to many as you fulfil your life mission.

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