Am I crazy?


Daysi Paradise tells me of a time when her channeling and communication with the Divine led her to admit herself to hospital. It is her hope that in sharing this, others with similar experiences will know that they are not alone.

Her channeling over 4 consecutive days was so intense that she became disoriented and did not know where she was. She admitted herself to hospital admitting to the staff that she was not sure of her whereabouts.

Her question was ‘Where am I? Heaven or Earth?’ She believes that the lesson of her experience was that it is how we perceive things that determines whether we are in Heaven or simply here on Earth….that we can indeed experience Heaven on Earth.

An ongoing battle that Daysi Paradise has to face is with her closest relatives, who do not fully accept her ability to communicate with Angels. This characteristic, of not having their gifts accepted by those closest to them, is repeated amongst almost all of my Earth Angels.  Yet again, it makes me certain that our work in raising the Earth’s consciousness is so crucial. In the relaying of her story I could not help but think that it was a reminder to us all that we need  to continue on our journey towards our Heaven, despite all the doubts we face on our Earth.


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