Daysi Paradise

‘Angels are speaking to all of us…..some of us are just listening better.’ Anonymous

Earth Angel – Daysi Paradise

Gift – Connected to the Angelic Realm; Communicates with the Angels and the Divine

Mission – To help us on our spiritual journey to our higher consciousness


My Earth Angel, Daysi Paradise, is special in that she is the youngest of my Earth Angels. She is a reminder to me of the awakening that our Earth is undergoing and that the ones born over the last few years and the ones being born now are so very important to mankind’s future. She has wisdom beyond her 29 years and her beauty shines through in openly sharing her gifts with the world.

Daysi Paradise has been aware of her gifts all her life. Messages have come to her in dreams and at other times she has simply ‘just known’ of things that would happen. Her ‘knowing’ can occur years, weeks or just hours prior to an event.  She receives messages from the Angels, sometimes hearing these as voices, other times perceiving them as thoughts. She is also very aware of how the Angels communicate through numbers. Daysi Paradise tells me that she has no sense of Angels being masculine or feminine, but rather differentiates between them as either of a nurturing and caring nature or as more authoritative, dominant and warrior like. She also does not see Angels. She recalls a funny incident showing how the Angels play with her: while volunteering at a hospital, during a break in her shift she was reading a book on the History of Angels. She remarked to one of her fellow volunteers that she would really like to meet an Angel. Within moments there was a knock at the service door and the Maintenance staff who walked in bore the name tag ‘Angel’. She remembers giggling like a child, marveling at God’s answer to her simple request and grateful that her fellow volunteer could witness the miracles of God.

She remembers one incident in St Patrick’s Cathedral in New York when a lady next to her was praying in Spanish. The Angels were translating the prayers to her and she felt God’s trust in her in sharing the woman’s prayer. Daysi Paradise accepts these experiences with Love, although she may not always understand them. She tells me that her understanding is sometimes instant, other times it takes a while for her to understand the messages she receives.

She believes that the Angels sometimes speak through her, as she has no recollection of conversations that people say they have had with her. Her mission is to teach others how to honor their own spiritual path. To this end she is currently a Prayer Chaplain and is working towards being ordained as a Reverend – something she aspires to achieve within the next 6 months. As an Empath, she can understand where a person is on their own spiritual journey and what they need to continue on their transition to higher consciousness. She describes herself as a ‘Battle Buddy’, a ‘Consciousness Shifter’ and a ‘Gate Keeper to the Other Side’….fulfilling her mission of helping others through any pain and any doubts that they encounter on their journey to higher consciousness.

Daysi Paradise feels a close affinity with Archangel Michael, called ‘the Warrior Prince’, and says that the Angels refer to her as ‘Mike 2’ in reference to her service in the U.S. Army. Her close affinity with Archangel Michael (who it is said reigns as the leader of God’s holy Angels), also comes from what she sees as her close connection and communication with the Divine. She tells me that she speaks with the Divine, sometimes as a father figure, sometimes as a spouse.

Daysi Paradise describes herself as ‘walking blindly in faith’. She accepts the messages she receives, knowing that they are guiding her towards her Divine purpose. Daysi Paradise speaks of an upbringing that was not particularly religious. However, she intuitively knew that she needed to trust in Love – not what she calls our ‘earthly understanding of love’ but rather something much, much better than this.  She has a captivating energy that draws you to her – it must be that Love of which she speaks.

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Connecting with Earth Angels

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