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Back to Africa – Healing where needed

A year ago, a close friend who had a life-long dream to see Gorillas in their native habitat, asked Darlis to accompany her to Africa.  Darlis had since been reading The Three Waves of Volunteers and the New Earth by Dolores Cannon and Arcturians: How to Heal, Ascend and Help Planet Earth by David K. Miller. In The Three Waves of Volunteers Dolores Cannon speaks of mankind originating from the apes and in the Arcturians, David K Miller talks of raising the Earth’s energy into the fifth dimension with the help of Etheric Crystals and the use of the etheric energy field. The timing of these works coming into her hands was not lost on Darlis and she intuitively knew that she was being called to Africa for the purpose of healing.

In his book, David K Miller also refers to Istanbul as a city of ‘such wonderful history’ and with ‘so many different energies from all over the world….a true city of global energy’. It turned out that Darlis and her companion had a layover in Istanbul, perhaps so destined as to capture some of that energy.

Africa has suffered and is continuing to suffer intense strife and conflict. That Darlis would be called to the place mankind began to conduct a healing is very poignant. Bwindi Impenetrable Forest in Uganda is home to half of the world’s population of the endangered Mountain Gorillas.  The lack of respect and love that man shows to his fellow Earth inhabitants is very evident here but importantly, is counterbalanced by the steps being taken to preserve the environment and the Gorillas. Darlis fulfilled her calling by planting an Etheric Crystal in the mountains of the Bwindi Forest and also one in Lake Victoria. Darlis has explained the process of placing an Etheric Crystal as follows: she first opens her Akashic records and calls on the Angelic realm, Ascended Masters, the Arcturians and any other higher realm of White Light to aid with the process; she visualizes the original Etheric Crystal existing on Arcturus, home of the Arcturians and visualizes this Crystal entering the Earth’s atmosphere through a light portal (tunnel) and being planted a mile into the Earth. By this visualization, a duplicate of the original Arcturus Crystal is placed in which ever Earth location Darlis is called to heal. The purpose of the visualization is to bring forth 5th dimensional energy to the Earth, to aid in humanity’s awakening to that dimension.

Such is Darlis’s belief that helping the Earth heal is the first step in raising the vibration and energy of the Earth and in turn, that of mankind. She believes that she has only just begun her mission of healing the Earth. A photo of Darlis with the Gorillas in the Bwindi Forest is attached. Darlis tells me of the affinity she felt with these majestic cousins of ours. She also tells me of her strong sense that the Gorillas understood her purpose there.

I look forward to hearing of Darlis’s future adventures and sharing them with you!

Love and light.



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