‘You carry Mother Earth within you. She is not outside of you. Mother Earth is not jut your environment. In that insight of inter-being, it is possible to have real communication with the Earth, which is the highest form of prayer.’ Thich Nhat Hanh

Earth Angel: Darlis

Gift: Planetary Healing

Mission: To bring healing to Mother Earth where and when needed.

Through the Co-Creators Convergence to raise the consciousness of Humanity.

Through the The Inner Game of Leadership to raise the consciousness of Business leaders. 


‘My name is Darlis and I’m a drug addict’. Darlis has had to say this many times, but fortunately for her and the many she has since helped, her reality is now very different.

After a traumatic event at the tender age of 14, Darlis’s life descended into addiction. A failed suicide attempt led her to Narcotics Anonymous and she has been clean since 1989, when she was 32. Her ‘awakening’ as she calls it, came the day after her first NA meeting when quite by chance she attended an Easter Sunday service. The Pastor began his sermon with ‘Oh, what a difference a day can make’. The Pastor was of course referring to the day between Christ’s crucifixion and resurrection, but to Darlis it was a direct message from God – that the day of her NA meeting was the beginning of her time to turn her life around. It was a very emotional experience for her.

Her mission as a healer began with helping other addicts. After becoming clean she worked at a treatment center and at 42, qualified as a therapist. In one of the many ‘co-incidences’ in her life, the Church that Darlis attended on that fateful Easter Sunday, is the Church that founded the school where she qualified as a therapist. Continuing her mission to help addicts, Darlis then went on to set up The Intervention Experts with her business partner Dan Rowlands.

Just as The Intervention Experts was being incorporated however, Darlis was asked – on a short term basis – to help turn around a failing treatment center in Belize. She recalls ‘the crazy time’ that greeted her there: it was the start of the hurricane season in 2008 and Tropical Storm Arthur caused severe flooding in the center’s residences. The chaos was also reflected in the lack of appropriate staff and the complete lack of a treatment program. There were also strange occurrences, with some staff seeing spirits on the premises. Tragically, the premises suffered an attack by Africanized Honey Bees (commonly called Killer Bees) and a 9 month old baby monkey (‘baby Jack’) that Darlis was particularly close to, was killed. The bees also attacked a staff member who tried to help the monkey. Darlis intuitively felt that the center’s location needed some form of healing and she called on a close friend to do an Akashic Records reading. (By this time Darlis was an Akashic Records reader herself, but felt she was too closely tied to the place to do the reading.)

The reading revealed that the land – consisting of 80 acres – had a dark history and a resulting dark energy. Crucially, Darlis was told that she had been called there to spiritually cleanse the land. There was once a bar on the land where a barmaid was killed, with her body unceremoniously buried there. The land was also once owned by a drug baron and it was used as a drug haven, so there was a highly negative addiction energy which came from both the land’s past and current use. Additionally, the land once housed a resort where African Water Buffalo were brought in for hunting – adding to the negative energy. The Akashic Records reading also revealed that the dark forces existing on the land were trying to scare Darlis from her true calling – that of healing the land. Darlis was distraught to learn that her dear baby Jack had embodied at that time to save her life.

Darlis consulted a Catholic priest who spent 4 hours exorcising the land. In recruiting her staff, Darlis sought to fill the gap of spirituality and intimacy that was missing in the existing treatment regime and so her staff of qualified therapists included a devout Buddhist, a Peruvian Shaman, a Reiki master and a Yoga master. They all participated in the praying to cleanse the land.

But it was all in vain as tragic events would lead to the treatment center’s closure. It was around this time that actor Keith Carradine died from suspected auto-erotic asphyxia. One of the patients, David*, experimented with this and accidently took his own life. In the short time that Darlis was at the treatment center, she and David had become very close…he affectionately called her ‘Dar’. Two weeks before his death his parents had visited and commented on how well he looked and noted the difference that the treatment had made to his life. A couple days before he died the staff and patients had gone on a tube caving trip and David had said ‘Dar, can I give you a hug? This is the best day of my life.’ All these years later, the grief these events caused to Darlis is still very evident.

It is difficult at times to make sense of such traumatic events in our lives. Darlis’s addiction led her to helping other addicts but her story didn’t end there. It also led her to Belize where she learned some valuable lessons – that there are dark forces and we need to protect ourselves and others from them. It also led her to her true life calling, that of healing the Earth.

I am fascinated by Darlis’s life and again, I note the pain that my Earth Angels have suffered. It is that suffering that drives them to give so much of themselves to others and in Darlis’s case, to the Earth. I continue her story on the adjoining pages – I hope you join me there.

*Not his real name – patient confidentiality protected.

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  1. Darlis is a great and wonderful person .I meet Darlis about 1 1/2 years ago she came to me and told me she needed to do the Akashic Records reading for me that it would help me. I was so stocked by all the things that where said and how after the reading I started to under stand who I was and what I needed to do for my self .Thank you so so much for you help and most of all your friendship.

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