Cheryl recently showed me this photo, in which she is standing behind her cousin. Although one can clearly see Cheryl’s dress and her bracelet (as seen in the photo in my earlier post), the body in the dress is not that of Cheryl’s.

This was my first introduction to transshadowing – described as the process by which a spirit penetrates the energy field around a person. Ben Willemsen explains that in transshadowing, we may perceive ‘a hazy image of the spirit superimposed upon the person.’

Whilst seeing this photo gave me the chills, Cheryl remains unfazed by the phenomena reflected in her photographs. She has accepted her experiences as part of her spiritual growth and very importantly, as a means of helping people understand that there is a world beyond the one we consciously see.

Have you had similar experiences? Have you seen similar phenomena in your photos? Cheryl and I would love to hear from you!



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