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Cheryl’s gift has manifested itself in a remarkable way, through some photos she has taken. The couple in the photo are close friends of Cheryl’s. The photo was taken on their son’s wedding day. A nephew of theirs, the groom’s cousin, died a year or so before the wedding – a cousin who the groom regarded as a brother. Cheryl was asked to connect with the deceased – to ask him to be present at the wedding, to let him know that he needed to be the Best Man.  Cheryl communicated with her husband, asking him to help her connect with the cousin – a request she repeated daily. When Cheryl saw visions of a church and a wedding on her wall, she knew that the cousin understood.

As is easy to imagine, several photos would have been taken of the groom’s parents as they walked into the room, including those of the hired professional photographer. But it is only Cheryl’s photo which tells a story and shows the ‘face from the other side’.

In Cheryl’s photo, there is an image of a young man’s face on the right arm of the groom’s father. Everyone who knew him has identified the image as that of the nephew / cousin. There is also an image of a dove on the groom’s father’s right hand. Interestingly, he rears white doves for weddings.

It is natural to be skeptical of photos such as these – technology allows for all types of trickery and there is a long history of fake ‘ghost’ photographs. Until proven otherwise, I have no reason to doubt the authenticity of Cheryl’s photo. She speaks from the heart and her wish to help others through her own strange experiences seems genuine.

Perhaps you’ve had similar experiences and have wondered whether you are alone or have been afraid to speak out for the fear of being ridiculed. Take heart from Cheryl, who is bravely embracing her gift and using it to help others.




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  1. We are the parents of the groom and we are the aunt and uncle of the nephew who passed. My husband raises white doves and anyone could see the spirit of the dove is attached to his wrist.

  2. I am cheryls aunt elane when cheryl revealed to me she was seeing visions of dead people i thought she was having a nervous breakdown,but when i saw the picture she took of her friends at her friends sons wedding i couldnt believe what i was seeing it was a picture of her friends husband with a dove attached to his hand i beiieve the dove was a message from his departed nephew wishing them a happy life

  3. Great article, Cheryl is a beautiful person, has a great heart. Person who wrote this article seems to know Cheryl very well .
    The picture of the little boy is amazing, Can be seen under the arm.

  4. The article seems to be an accurate tale of what Cheryl has experienced. The picture is truly remarkable. Cheryl is a wonderful person who has an amazing gift.

  5. Cheryl called me to tell of her experience at the wedding when she developed that picture. She was so excited to have a manifestation. She mailed me a copy of this picture and I was amazed and so pleased for her to have actual proof that her gift was manifesting itself. She knew then, that she could build on that and continue to improve and hone her gift so that she would be able to help people bridge the gap between the physical and spiritual world.

  6. For anyone who does not believe that the spirits of our loved ones who have passed are with us
    this picture is proof that they are still part of our lives. The face of the boy on the fathers right arm
    and the dove are amazing and for me only confirms what I have always believed. People who pass
    are no longer here physically but their love for us and spirit remains with us. I think Cheryl is wonderful
    and can use her gift to reassure very sick people facing imminent death that they have nothing to fear.

  7. Cheryl is a good friend and neighbor.I have seen Her mediumship evolve in the front of My eyes.When Cheryl first started seeing spirits and angels,She would come over and tell Me what visions came to Herthat day.Sometimes She would see beings appear in My house on a wall or on a walk over from two houses down.One night She ran over a little late and frightened because a man was bulging out of Her wall in 3–D. When Her first orbs were opening up and turning into faces,also figures,I asked Her had She ever held an object and tried to get a message or image from the person it belonged to? Cheryl said lets try it.I gave Her a cameo,Her eyes were closed,She did not look at it . I paced it in Her hand and She began to tell Me about a women,a grandmother with a fancy old fashioned velvet gown and a diamond tiara and a diamond cross on Her neck.Her hair was up ,She could see the women was very regal,royalty. I was shocked She could know this information just from holding this small rectangular cameo necklace,that belonged to My Grandmother and Great Grandmother.My Great Grandmother was a Countess from Trieste Italy. The person She described was in great detail to a small painting of My Great Grandmother .I would only know what She looked like from a tiny painting of Her at My Mothers house. Another Day Cheryl held a picture of My Sister in law and Nephew .My Husband and I had just returned from Our Nephew Wills funeral in Boston.We were so sad and My heart was breaking for My Sister in law Vanessa Her Family and My handsome young Nephew who had just died as a result of a terrible accident.My Husband and I sat down next to Cheryl,I handed Her a picture of them years before at a school graduation.Cheryl described a young handsome man on a table ,Then in a coffin.Then still holding this picture with Her eyes closed,She could see this same man walking with his Father and two boys,His Brothers on a rocky beach,near trees and yellow flowers growing in the grass.Cheryl could see a sandy colored shaggy dog walking with them,going towards a thin women,His Mother,with curly light brown,blondish hair.She had on dark sunglasses and tears running down Her face.As Cheryl was describing a picture of My Nephew and His Mother at a graduation in a classroom,We did not get the connection to that photograph.What She described did not match the picture,other than the fact that My Nephew had just passed.At that very moment,My Husband Nick just got a text message from His Sister to His phone,of His Sister, Brother in law,and two Nephews on a beach together with their Dog.They went to get away for a while as a Family to remember Will.The photographs were just what Cheryl described a few minutes before My Husband Nick got the text messages.The picture Cheryl held from a couple of years before His passing,were not the images She described.The pictures and people She described were of the time spent with His family at the beach after His passing.This confirmation of time spent with Loved ones after ones passing is a Blessing .Cheryl I hope the gift You have been given grows even stronger and You get to help many people.May God bless you always

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