“Trauma enables us to find our purpose in life and equips us to achieve our mission for this incarnation” Tim Field


Earth Angel: Cheryl

Gift: Seeing and Communicating with Spirit

Mission: To help those who are close to leaving the earth dimension, understand that there are others waiting to help and guide them; they need not be afraid.

Cheryl is an intelligent and vivacious woman with a ready smile and a yearning to share her story. After a long career in the Stock Market she is now retired. She lost her husband to cancer in 2011.  It is clear that they shared a close bond and that she misses him dearly.

In November 2010, knowing that he was dying, Cheryl’s husband gave her a special 60th birthday present – a cruise with one of her girlfriends. Cheryl had been caring for him for a long time and he felt she deserved a treat on that special occasion. What happened to her on that cruise marked the beginning of Cheryl recognizing that she has a gift – that of being able to see spirit.

Soon after boarding the ship and relaxing on deck, Cheryl began seeing visions. She saw a character she describes as ‘Captain Hook’ and women she describes as ‘saloon girls like those in the TV series Gunsmoke’. She saw young children, blowing kisses at her. Cheryl describes these ‘people’ appearing to her not as wispy, smoky spirits, but as real beings, as she would see a live person. The visions continued throughout the cruise with people appearing in her room. Cheryl was convinced she was having a nervous breakdown after the stress of caring for her ill husband. She confided in her girlfriend who, believing Cheryl to be depressed, kindly offered to take her for shock treatment.

On returning home, Cheryl returned to the routine of caring for her husband and as she had no more visions, she believed that they were the result of the stress she had been under. It was not long before she would lose her husband, who passed in April 2011. He was an avid Elvis Presley fan and 2 or 3 days before he passed, he told Cheryl that Elvis had come for him – they had been dancing and he was not afraid anymore. A couple days after his passing, Cheryl was lying in bed when she says ‘everything went jet black’. She thought she was going blind, when suddenly 3 orbiting lights appeared in front of her. As this was so close to her husband’s passing, Cheryl thought what was happening to her was the result of her profound grief.

Then she began having more and more visions. People appeared to her on her living room wall, she saw people flying across the room, she saw people lying in bed with her and she saw people walking through her home. These people were male and female, old, young, modern day and from past eras. She had visions of her husband – one she remembers clearly is that of seeing her hand wiping a tear from her husband’s face and then seeing tears dripping down her wall. In her confusion and grief, Cheryl visited her doctor, asking for a brain scan. Her doctor assured her there was nothing wrong with her brain and encouraged her to not be afraid to tell people about what she was experiencing –  people who could help her in some way. Cheryl really had no idea of who could help her and says that for the next 2 years she had very little understanding of what was happening to her and also with very little sleep.

Through a chance invitation to a ‘medium party’ she met medium Kim Russo, who told her that ‘she’d better get ready’ as what was happening to Cheryl was what had happened to her (Kim) as a child. Kim encouraged her to get trained to communicate with spirit. This led Cheryl to the Psychic and Healer Deidre Abrami.  Deidre advised Cheryl to instruct all spirits, except her husband, to leave her alone. The next time her husband appeared to her, she spoke with him for around 3 hours, asking him about his death experience.  She also asked him to explain why she was seeing him but he did not respond to that question. That night, she dreamt she went on a journey with her husband ‘through different dimensions’.  He told her that he was ok and that no-one should be afraid of dying. She recalls him opening a door and walking with him on to a beach where everyone was having a party. Cheryl subsequently confided to a close friend that here on Earth she was crying while her husband was happy and having a great time!

Cheryl tells me that she still considers herself as going through the ‘baby steps’ of fully appreciating her gift and using it to help others. In using her gift to see spirit, Cheryl wants to help the bereaved by revealing to them the messages that their departed ones send through her. Also, by identifying already deceased loved ones to those close to death, she wants to reassure the dying that there is no need for fear and that they will never be alone in their journey to their new ‘life after life’.

That it took such a traumatic loss to bring forth such a precious gift is ironic. Perhaps it is only in losing a part of ourselves that we learn to truly give. What I am quickly learning is that each of my Earth Angels has suffered some deep pain, and it is from that pain which stems their love for and yearning to help others.






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  1. Cheryl and I used to work at the same brokerage firm in San Francisco. I knew Cheryl and her husband, they had such a close bond. When they moved to Florida, Cheryl took care of her sick father until he passed, then took care of her husband until he passed. She was and still is a very giving person. When Cheryl first told me about her experiences, I was amazed and excited for her. I knew that this was HER time to find herself, manifest her gift and continue to find a way to help others. I can see her helping those who are afraid of death and dying, to give comfort, and to soothe their fears; also she would be able to let those in the physical world know that those dearly departed in the spirit world continue to live on with us and we are never alone.

    1. Thank you Diana. Your understanding and support means a lot to Cheryl. It is my wish that through this blog, comments like yours will help others to embrace their own unique gifts.

      1. Thanks for your warm remarks Spooky. I realize that there is more to life than what we experience through our 5 senses. It is truly a gift. My only encounter outside of Cheryl is through the show Long Island Medium. I am in awe of individuals who have this ability.

  2. I am the friend that was on the ship with Cheryl. I really believed that she was having a breakdown. We knoweach other and have been like sisters for 40 years so this was not her at all. After taking her to see Kim Russo as a group she spoke with her one on one and told her what was happening to her. She explained that yes she has a gift and she would have to learn how to deal with this gift.

  3. This is lovely! I lost both my parents at a young age and I agree that true empathy comes from, unfortunately/fortunately pain. I also believe that some people are naturally more empathetic than others and that these individuals are more in tune with their deep subconscious, which allows them to experience more than they average person. Life’s not seen in black and white but everything in between… What a blessed way to live!

    1. Thank you Jillian for your supportive comments – it means a lot to me and to Cheryl. I agree that true empathy comes from having experienced pain. It is said that an empath’s sensitivity is ‘a gift from God’, so ironically empaths have been gifted pain for a very special purpose. I would love to hear your stories if you are open to sharing them.

  4. This was a very well written story. I am Cheryl’s next door neighbor, her and I sit in the garage and talk for hours some times. I remember when Cheryl came back to Florida from the wedding, she insisted that I take a look at her pictures immediately! I have always been skeptical, but as Cheryl began to tell me the story of her best friend’s nephew and then followed that up with the picture that is posted, to be honest, I actually got the chills! I truly believe that Cheryl, through the passing of her husband, has been given a gift – to see her sharing that with others and begin helping others with what they are experiencing is truly amazing!

  5. I love this! I have known Cheryl now for about 7 years now. I am her “step” grand-daughter. I first met my grandfather and Cheryl late in life, a short time after he became very ill. During one of my visits, Cheryl was telling me about seeing “Captain Hook” on her cruise and how even she thought she was crazy and we had a good laugh! After my grandfathers passing, I kept in contact with Cheryl and we have become good friends! She would call me and tell me all the unbelievable things she started to see and I have to say, I was and still am amazed! At one point she called me asking about my son who at the time was maybe a year old. She asked me if he would talk, laugh and play with nothing which he did, and explained my grandfather had told her he was watching over and playing with his only great grandchild, which made total sence! I still have comfort in knowing he’s with my children!!

  6. I met Cheryl on a dating site she told me about her visions and after getting to know her I found out that Cheryl is more normal and down to earth than all the other people I met on the site. I know that Cheryl will use her gift to help other people in the right way. When she talks you can see that it comes from the heart.

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