Holding the Light

Photo Credit: In Pursuit of Peace spdhegde.wordpress.com
Photo Credit: In Pursuit of Peace spdhegde.wordpress.com


It is ironic that in the week we celebrated the Festival of Light, that so much darkness touched our world –  Beirut, Baghdad and Paris posing horrid and poignant examples.

It is easy to question the future of our dear Earth when man made atrocities like this occur, particularly when they are enacted supposedly in the name of Religion. Rather than being the unifying phenomena that it should be, throughout our history Religion has served only to separate humans into bickering groups of self righteousness.

But is that Religion’s fault? Surely it is humanity’s fault…for drifting so far away from Source that our churches, temples and mosques – ironically built in honor of that Source – serve only to entrench our limited consciousness into feelings of superiority over our fellow humans.

Where is the hope? It is within us. We are all holding the Light that is the only power that will overcome this darkness. We are all holding the Light that reveals to us how we are manipulated by political interests, conditioned into beliefs of needing to be safe from a terrible enemy.

We all hold that Light, but we do not all see it.

Such is the irony of our existence. We are the Light. We are the Power. We are the Source. Our future depends on us finding that Light and Power, recognizing that we are Source.

The state of our precious Mother Earth reflects our fall from grace, our fall from Source. It is up to us to bring Her back to her full glory. Holding the Light is our path to that glory.

My Earth Angels, let us shine our Light bright for the future of humanity.



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