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Sweat the Small Stuff



We do stuff. Our days are filled with the minutiae of our lives, from the moment the alarm shocks our eyes open to when we fall back into the comfort of sleep. What are these things that fill our lives? Are they simply things to keep us occupied…. the means to earn a living, the ways of being a parent or the means of helping our fellow humans make the world a more comfortable place? Or are they something much bigger – perhaps a means of creating the very fabric of what makes us what we are?

Most of us appreciate that there is a bigger picture to the small stuff that fills our lives. The problem is that we struggle to figure out exactly what that bigger picture is. Can we ever really know? Perhaps the answer to this problem is to focus on the small stuff, in a way that helps us understand the bigger deal. This calls for a degree of mindfulness that we rarely practice in our rush to get things done. It calls for a complete about-face in our multi-tasking mindset which fools us into perceiving busyness as akin to being productive.

Starting now, pay attention to the small stuff – how you answer your child when you are thinking of the work project that you must complete, whether you push past someone to get to the front of the checkout at the grocery, or how you judge the young girl with tattoos and piercings that make you think, “ouch!”. Pay attention to the things that come and go in a fleeting moment, rarely lasting long enough for you to give a second thought to them. Pay attention to you smiling at the old man sitting alone on the park bench, telling your partner that their smile helps you through the day, and taking the time to show your parent how to negotiate the internet.

Out of these small things will come a bigger picture – a picture of you as you’ve probably never taken the time to see yourself. If you are intent on personal and spiritual growth, you will see yourself as the light of God working to raise world consciousness. But you will also see things that you want to do better, things that you know will change the very fabric of what you are. There are lessons in the small stuff, and they can teach us big things.

We are told to not “sweat the small stuff” and there is wisdom in not letting the irrelevant take over our thoughts and emotions. Perhaps we just need to learn to sweat the small stuff in a way that teaches us how to grow into the best that we can be.



The Wind Spoke to Me


Photo Credit: Philip Edmondson on Flickr
Photo Credit: Philip Edmondson on Flickr

The Wind spoke with me today. He told me of the wisdom in understanding my power – when to blow strong and when to whisper.

He taught me the beauty in caressing the branches and leaves, creating patterns that reverberate in time.

He showed me the elegance in playing with the clouds and dancing with the angels.

He showed me the tenderness in touching a blade of grass and the strength in never being understood.

For do we truly understand the magic that is the wind? Or do we acknowledge the breath that is our very life?

And as he spoke of how he sustains life, he told me of the death and destruction that he wreaks. He told me why it is needed for new birth.  It is the part he must play.

He taught me to not shun my strength and to see the beauty that comes with pain.

The Wind taught me to be me. 

What Would Love Do?


What would Love Do

When faced with a dilemma, we are urged to ask the question “What would Love do?”  How often do we profess to love someone, only to react with selfish anger or pride when that person displeases us in some way?

And our love is usually selfish – in full flow when we are pleased, in very short supply when not so much so. And we justify that selfish love with a myriad of reasons, usually rooted in our belief that what we do and think is always right.

I recall once hearing a father express his understanding of so called “honor killings”. Not that I ever believed that this person would himself be capable of such an act, but to hear him voice sympathy for the families “wronged” by their daughters’ actions, left me stunned. That hurt pride and a sense of smallness in society’s eyes could lead parents to take the life of their child, leaves me in wonder at how inhumane humanity has become. That we as humans have lost touch with what LOVE really is, is cause for despair.

There is too much of that despair around me – the noise of racism, class division, religious bigotry and hatred screams in my ears, reminding me of the evils that blight our world. How do I make a difference? How do each of us make a difference?

We make a difference by asking the question What would Love do?  in each instance in our lives where we feel unsure of how to act. My callous disregard for a person less fortunate than myself or your belittling of someone with a different viewpoint to your own , takes us both away from LOVE.  We may not be capable of taking a life, but we are certainly able to inflict hurt and pain. It is not what LOVE would do.

During the just ended holiday season, there was an abundance of giving and loving. Perhaps we will be doing humanity a favor by extending that abundance to throughout the year, not waiting for a season of goodwill to be human. It is what LOVE would do.




Holding the Light

Photo Credit: In Pursuit of Peace
Photo Credit: In Pursuit of Peace


It is ironic that in the week we celebrated the Festival of Light, that so much darkness touched our world –  Beirut, Baghdad and Paris posing horrid and poignant examples.

It is easy to question the future of our dear Earth when man made atrocities like this occur, particularly when they are enacted supposedly in the name of Religion. Rather than being the unifying phenomena that it should be, throughout our history Religion has served only to separate humans into bickering groups of self righteousness.

But is that Religion’s fault? Surely it is humanity’s fault…for drifting so far away from Source that our churches, temples and mosques – ironically built in honor of that Source – serve only to entrench our limited consciousness into feelings of superiority over our fellow humans.

Where is the hope? It is within us. We are all holding the Light that is the only power that will overcome this darkness. We are all holding the Light that reveals to us how we are manipulated by political interests, conditioned into beliefs of needing to be safe from a terrible enemy.

We all hold that Light, but we do not all see it.

Such is the irony of our existence. We are the Light. We are the Power. We are the Source. Our future depends on us finding that Light and Power, recognizing that we are Source.

The state of our precious Mother Earth reflects our fall from grace, our fall from Source. It is up to us to bring Her back to her full glory. Holding the Light is our path to that glory.

My Earth Angels, let us shine our Light bright for the future of humanity.