One step forward, two steps back

Photo Credit: Virginie on Flickr
Photo Credit: Virginie on Flickr


Five Planets in Retrograde

Things seem a little sticky right now,

Walking in slow motion through cobwebs.

Mercury dances to his own tune,

While nothing is making sense.


Mars tells me to hang back,

When usually he cheers me on.

When will this waiting end,

When will sleep be mine again.


Ideas hang in mid-air,

Goals seem just out of reach.

Jupiter holds back his fortune,

Luck is not mine to keep.


Saturn brings his hard grind,

Forcing growth when I want rest.

Solar blasts keep me edgy,

This must be for the best.


Pluto says look within,

Release what no longer serves.

Progress may be slow,

But the answers are found therein.


So as I take one step forward,

But two steps back.

I know the path is being cleared,

And I must stay on track.


The Angels cheer me on,

They say these times are your test.

Let the planets do their dance,

Dear one, the Universe has your back!