My Besom is Magical


My Besom is magical, I feel it in my veins. The Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine perfectly balanced, with the call of the Divine Goddess loud in my heart. The Goddess brings forth my power, my magic. Crafted by my own hands, my Besom feels like a part of me, or am I a part of it?

Besom Butterfly

My glorious wings guide me on my Divine Path. I leave the mundane, my spirit flying with new purpose. My transformation is now, reaching for the sky but never far from the ground. I can see my colors clearly, they shine bright in my eyes with the hope that the world can see them too. I am orange, I am fire. I am light.

Besom SeaShell

The sea’s echoes ring in my ear, reminding me from whence I came. I feel the water’s caress, a constant comfort as my feet tread the rocks beneath. The mermaids call to me  to swim with them and I delight in their song. The blue water fills me with compassion, with hope for the future of humanity.

Besom Sage

Mother Earth blesses my Besom with Her stones and herbs, Her lifeblood. I feel Her raw power, Her crystal energy like fire in my own blood. My connection to Her grows strong, never far from my thoughts.

My Besom is magical. I feel it in my veins.