Our Body Elemental

Some time ago I wrote of how we use words, with little thought to the real meaning behind those words. I recently discovered that we all have a ‘Body Elemental’ – a subtle Being responsible for the workings of each and every part of our bodies.

It struck me that we would describe someone as ‘being in their element’ when conveying the image of that person being completely happy and fulfilled. I had never given much thought to what that ‘element’ was,  until I learnt of our Body Elemental. It follows that if our Body Elemental is happy, able to perform his or her functions in complete peace and harmony, then we are in turn happy and fulfilled and ‘in our element’.

So what helps our Body Elemental to help us and what detracts from the work that our Body Elemental is there to do? Well, we only need consider what makes us happy and what does not – and most importantly, how we deal with situations that make us unhappy or do not bring out the best in us.

As  we begin to understand that our physical bodies are not independent of our thoughts and feelings and that dis-harmony in our thoughts and feelings result in dis-harmony and dis-ease in our bodies, it is easy to see that it is our very thoughts and feelings that either support or detract from our Body Elemental’s purpose of nurturing us.

If only it was easy to maintain calmness, happiness and equilibrium in our daily lives, conscious of the inner workings of our physical  body, the energy of our etheric bodies, and with profound gratitude to our Body Elemental for the invaluable service he or she provides in our lives.

But there is the test of our ability to evolve as spiritual beings and to overcome the illusory trials we have created in our lives.

I urge you to do your own research on the Body Elemental and to seek to connect with yours in some meaningful way. An understanding of what subtle forces actively support our physical bodies can only enhance our understanding of what we truly are.