Spiritual beings having a human experience

We are told that we are spiritual beings having a human experience.  If we take a moment to reflect on these words, they reveal their precious significance. It is easier to think of ourselves as human beings striving towards spirituality. However, acknowledging ourselves as spiritual beings tells us that we all come from a spiritual source – and if we came from that source, then surely we must already know how to connect with that source.  So why this human experience?

The story of Adam and Eve and their banishment from the Garden of Eden is said to reflect man’s conscious decision to turn away from his God presence or God consciousness. And so it began….the journey back to our God consciousness, through lessons that the hardships of humanity teach us. But not everyone experiences hardships in life, you may say. But we all face hardships in some form – whether those hardships stem from money, health or relationships.

To me, the most powerful message in acknowledging that we all come from a spiritual source, is that of the purpose of religion. Whilst organized religion serves many useful purposes in uniting souls seeking God, to my mind it does much more harm in dividing humanity according to religious beliefs. Doesn’t organized religion destroy exactly what it purports to uphold – that there is one God from whom we all came?

Let us all find our spiritual being-ness, recognizing that we already hold the knowledge of our God consciousness within us and that we’re here only to remember how to return to that consciousness. Recognizing each other as spiritual beings – rather than human beings with different skin color, different beliefs and different ways of life – can do so much to heal our precious Earth and ease our way back to God.