The state of your life

Dr Wayne W Dyer tells us: ‘The state of your life is nothing more than a reflection of your state of mind’.  Depending on what state your life is in, these can be harsh words! An ill person, for example, may insist that they want to be well and their state of mind has nothing to do with their illness. Or someone in an abusive relationship may find it difficult to accept that their mind state is contributing to their difficult circumstances.

I can read Dr Dyer’s words now with equanimity….but I would have doubted them just a short time ago. Just another of life’s many ironies – we have to experience pain to understand the things that, if only we had understood them before, we would have saved ourselves from that pain!

For many years I suffered with a chronic illness.  I convinced myself that my illness came from the constant stress of a high pressured job.  When I came across someone who had defied his doctors by shunning conventional cancer treatments and opting instead to ‘heal himself’ through yoga, meditation and sheer determination, I began to understand the relationship between the mind and the body. I began to understand the cleansing of the mind that is required to rid oneself of the negative thoughts and attitudes that cause us dis-ease.

ATTITUDE IS EVERYTHING! Will I let this dis-ease take control of my life or will I control my life? Do I not love myself enough to escape an abusive relationship? Will I stay in a dead-end job for the sake of ‘security’ or will I break free to experience the joy of my true life purpose? If we adopt a positive state of mind, one which serves our true divine nature, then our life becomes positive and a reflection of that divine nature!

I’ve learnt this after much pain. I hope that in reading these words you will fully explore the wisdom behind them, thereby saving yourself similar pain.