Looking beyond the surface

I recently heard someone refer to ‘being inspired’ as ‘being in spirit’ . One definition of Inspiration that I find particularly inspiring : ) is ‘breathing in and being filled with the spirit of the Gods’.  I’m sure we’ll all agree that inspiration comes from some higher Source – therefore,  the connection between inspiration and Spirit seems only logical.

Anyway, the reference got me thinking about how we (or at least, I) use words with little thought of their origin and more importantly, their ‘true’ meaning. The learned ones tell us that all the answers we seek are hidden in plain sight. So a fresh way of looking at things – a fresh point of view – is definitely required if we are to see those answers.

Another example that got me thinking recently was the word ‘spell’. How many times have I used that word in the context of spelling a word, without giving a second thought to its other meaning – as in ‘casting a spell’! But isn’t it striking that we spell words but at the same time, not fully appreciate how those same words ‘cast a spell’….how we can use words to create our own magic in our lives? So that’s why affirmations work!

The lesson for me in this is to always be looking beyond the surface of the words I hear and use.

Can you think of other words that speak volumes to us? I would love to hear from you!

Love and light x